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Welcome to BPW of St. Kitts, a dynamic organization for business and professional women. Since its inception in 1975, BPW has promoted women and women’s issues in St. Kitts, while actively, building partnerships, encouraging friendships and communication among our members. Whether you are a long-time member – or someone new to BPW – I hope you will be encouraged by the exciting plans that we have for the rejuvenated club. Our membership is growing thus providing the opportunity for more hands to reach deep into our communities and work on programmes that will inspire women who so desperately need help and young women who need guidance and leadership to stimulate/motivate them to unleash their full potential

Our Activities

At BPW, we are very enthusiastic and can’t help but be involved in a number of meaningful activities. And we’re constantly seeking to improve what we have or add a new twist.


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BPW comprises a vibrant mix of business and professional women across various sectors.

  • Management 23%

  • Accounting 2%

  • Entreprenuer 15%

  • Legal 15%

  • Professional Services 46%


BPW Club of St. Kitts installs the 2018-2019 Board of Directors

The 2018-2019 Installation and Candlelight ceremony of the BPW Club of St Kitts was held at the Ocean Terrace Inn on the evening of Wednesday, June 20th 2018.

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